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Metal Clay Tools

What do I need to get started in metal clay?

No matter what type of metal clay you want to work with, there are some basic tools that are needed. You'll need tools for handling metal clay while it's moist, for refining and constructing the clay after it's dry, and for finishing the metal once it's been fired.

You can get a quick start with a kit that has many of the basics you need. Our basic tool kits are shown below. You can also learn about the stages of metal clay work and the tool options available to customize a tool kit on your own. If you are not sure what type of metal clay you want to work with, Metal Clay Types and Usage (below) offers an excellent summary and will give you a quick understanding of what each type of metal clay can be used for and all of the possible firing options.

Metal Clay Tool Kits

Basic Starter Kit

This kit includes the basic tools and some extras that will allow you more design options and easier ways to work. Any type of clay can be used with the Basic Starter Kit. In addition to the Basic Starter Kit, you'll need to choose a firing method.

Deluxe Starter Kit

This kit is for the serious metal clay jewelry artist. We've included everything you need to create in any kind of metal clay from forming to finishing, including the kiln! This kit will allow you to create in any type of clay.

Metal Clay Firing Kits

Fine silver clays can be fired with a small butane torch, an enameling kiln, a tabletop jewelry kiln, or a gas burner. Other metal clay types, such as bronze and silver alloy clays, require a carbon firing. Copper clay is the exception. Copper clay can be torch or kiln fired.

We've created firing kits to save you time in selecting the tools you will need for firing the type of metal clay you want to work with. If you are unsure of what type of metal clay you'd like to work with, be sure to read our summary of metal clay types and usage to familiarize yourself with the firing options for each clay type.

Economy Torch Firing Kit

This kit includes the very basic tools you will need to fire fine silver, gold and copper clays with a torch. This low-cost kit will give you everything you need to torch fire your first projects. Even if you want to move up to a digital jewelry kiln eventually, you will want and need a torch in your tool box. A butane torch is inexpensive, easy to use and will allow you to do some simple soldering and metalsmithing tasks that will come in handy as you gain skills in jewelry making. Save money by making your own head pins and designer earwires. Note that silver alloy and bronze clays cannot be torch fired.

Kiln Firing Essentials Kit

This kit includes basic kiln furniture for metal clay firing and a sampling of firing accessories you will want to try. Fine silver and gold clays are fired directly on the hard ceramic shelf. Line the shelf with the thin firing paper to fuse glass. Support delicate items during firing using the fiber blanket. Short posts are preferred on the kiln floor to support the first shelf and to elevate carbon firing boxes for circulation and better firing results. Fire silver alloy, copper, and bronze clays with the addition of a Carbon Firing Kit (see category below).

Carbon Firing Kits

Carbon Firing Kits include the essentials you'll need for firing metal clays that need protection from oxygen during firing such as copper, bronze, and silver alloys. Carbon firing Kits are also used to co-fire sterling and fine silver and to protect heat sensitive gemstones (including diamonds) during firing.