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Adjustable Slide Holder Bead & Pearl Holder Bead Handling Tweezer Handpiece Holder
Adjustable Sliding Holder
Price: $7.18
In Stock
Bead & Pearl Holder
Price: $7.16
In Stock
Bead Handling Tweezer
Price: $7.31
In Stock
Handpiece Holder
Price: $32.80
In Stock
Jett Basic 1 lb Jett Sett 1lb Jett Sett 8 oz
Jett Basic - 1 lb
Price: $24.75
In Stock
Jett Basic - 8 oz
Price: $12.39
In Stock
Jett Sett - 1 lb
Price: $38.25
In Stock
Jett Sett - 8 oz
Price: $19.15
In Stock
Jumpring Genie 360 Degree Mandrel Vise Mathieu Clamps Metal Spring Clamp 2"
Jump Ring Genie
Price: $1.79
In Stock
Mathieu Clamps
Price: $10.31
In Stock
Metal Spring Clamp 2"
Pak of 12: $4.05
In Stock
Miter Cutting Vise Parts Holding Basket Pearl/Bead Drilling Vise Peg Assist - Premium Non-slip Ring Clamp
Miter Cutting Vise
Price: $54.90
In Stock
Parts Holding Basket
Price: $4.25
In Stock
Pearl/Bead Drilling Vise
Price: $41.13
In Stock
Pin Vice - Swivel Top Ring Clamp Hardwood Rotating Holder for Bracelet Mandrels with Tang Thumb-Safe Stamp Holder
Pin Vice - Swivel Top
Price: $5.58
In Stock
Ring Clamp - Hardwood
Price: $8.21
In Stock
Thumb-Safe Stamp Holder
Price: $20.83
In Stock
Diamond Tweezers Cross-lock Fiber-grip Tweezers Curved Tip Fiber-grip Tweezers Jumbo
Tweezer Set - Stainless Steel 12 Piece
Set of 12: $18.90
In Stock
Tweezers - Diamond
Price: $3.38
In Stock
Tweezers - Fiber-grip Jumbo
Price: $4.16
In Stock
Fiber-grip Tweezers Fiber-grip Cross-lock Tweezers Tweezers Fine Point Stainless Steel 4-1/2" Economy Tweezers Fine Point Stainless Steel 4-3/4" Economy
Tweezers - Fibergrip
Price: $3.04
In Stock
Tweezers - Fibergrip Cross Lock
Price: $3.60
In Stock
Plastic Hemostats Plastic Tweezers Tweezers Bent Tip
Tweezers - Plastic Hemostats
Price: $1.79
In Stock
Tweezers - Plastic Small
Price: $1.79
In Stock
Stainless Steel Cross-lock Tweezers Tweezers Fine Point Tweezers Fine Point - Extra Large Tweezers - Wire Straightening
Tweezers - Wire Straightening
Sale Price: $6.60
In Stock
Universal Work Holder Universal Work Holder Replacement Pins
Universal Work Holder
Price: $22.48
(Out of Stock)
Holding your metal clay is essential to a succesful jewelry piece! Find the tools that will make it easy here at Cool Tools. We offer several types of Tweezers, molding material, Vices and clamps to keep whatever you're working on in the right place. Keep your projects in place with innovative tools right here!