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Cool Tools ClearView Barrel Cool Tools ClearView Tumbler Dual Belt
Chenille Stems Pkg - 100
Pkg of 100: $3.00
In Stock
Stainless Steel Mixed Shot 1 lb Tumbler Barrel Replacement - Lortone 3A Tumbler - Lortone 3lb Rotary - Professional
Tumbler Replacement Drive Belt- Lortone 3A Replacement Drive Belt for Mini Bench Drill Press


Tumble finishing is the easy way to put a shine on metal clay jewelry. While in the tumbler, pieces are work hardened, which is a good thing for metal clay. We have Tumblers and parts for any metal clay jewelry artist. Choose from a huge selection of Lortone Rotary Tumblers, ClearView Rotary Tumblers, and Dura-Bull Tumblers. Find replacement barrels, Stainless Steel Mixed Shot, Chenille Stems and more.