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Cool Tools Slik & Slik Baby Metal Clay Conditioner and Release
Slik Metal Clay Conditioner and Release

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Cool Tools Slik & Slik Baby Metal Clay Conditioner and Release

Cool Tools Slik is the balm made just for metal clay. It's smooth and silky, not sticky like olive-oil based balms. Slik is made from all natural ingredients like pure soy, almond and aloe. It forms a barrier between the clay and whatever you apply it to that works better than anything else. Slik works like magic on hands, textures, tools, work surfaces, polymer molds, rubber stamps and objects to be molded.

Slik also makes a superior clay conditioning agent for PMC, BRONZclay and COPPRclay. Rather than adding water and creating a muddy, slippery mess that dries out quickly, condition with Slik to create a clay with a wonderful texture that stays moist much longer and is much less sticky.

To condition metal clay with Slik, first apply to your hands. Then press your lump clay into a patty using your fingers. The patty should be a little more than 1/16" thick. Butter the patty with Slik and fold the sides. Knead the lump for a few seconds to be sure all the Slik is incorporated. You'll feel the difference immediately and you'll love how much easier it is to work with. Use less water. Your clay will stay workable much longer.
If you add too much product to lump clay, it can begin to lose it's ability to hold together. If your clay becomes crumbly, simply add a bit of fresh clay to the ball and knead it into the lump.

Why is using an anti-stick product so important when working with metal clay?
Metal clay sticks to just about everything. Most things that come into contact with wet metal clay need to be conditioned with an anti-stick product to keep the clay from sticking. Slik was formulated to condition skin and release metal clay while leaving hands feeling dry and grease-less. Slik can be used as an all purpose release on any tool or texture.

We offer our original 3.5 oz Slik, and Slik Baby in an economical 2 oz tin.

Note: Slik contains soy.

We do not recommend using SLIK with Hadar's metal clay powder.

Use to condition hands and clay for metal clay work.

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NST-100 Cool Tools Slik Baby 2 oz Metal Clay Conditioner and Release
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Cool Tools Slik & Slik Baby Metal Clay Conditioner and Release