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Silicone Polisher - Black Barrel Set - Set of 4
Silicone Polisher: Black Barrel Set

Silicone-bonded polishers make quick work of achieving highly polished mirror finishes on entire pieces or select areas. Use with light pressure and low speed for best results. Use with any 3/32" shank rotary tool.

Silicone polishing wheels and points are made of silicone embedded with silicon carbide abrasive.

Operating RPM: 1000 to 5000
Shank Size: 3/32"
Grit: Medium

Set of 4: $6.95
Product Dimensions: 2.5mm to 22mm
Made in Germany
Creative Reward Points you'll earn: 7

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Silicone Polisher - Black Barrel Set - Set of 4

Use to remove scratches and refine surfaces and edges. Use after white (coarse) grit. Silicone is not as flexible as Superflex

How to Use Silicone Polishing Points

Match the point shape to the job at hand. Select the largest polisher that will do the job. For instance, use a barrel shaped polisher for the inside of rings rather than a small cylinder. The small cylinder requires more work for the same area because of the smaller size. Purchase point shapes in each grit from coarse to ultra fine. The various shapes and points will get into nooks and crannies to give your entire work a brilliant luster. The item to be polished should be prepared by filing or sanding out any pits or scratches with bristle discs, sandpapers, etc. up to 400 grit.

After the surface is pre-polished, install one of the Black (coarse) polishers in your rotary tool and polish the item until all evidence of the prior sanding is removed and the surface is uniform. Change the point to accomodate the shape needed to get into all areas you wish to polish. Knife edges will get into sharp inside corners, ledges and edges. Small tapers can get around prongs and into holes and in corners. The variety of point shapes allows you to easily polish in difficult spots.

Change to the Brown (Fine) polishers and polish again with this grit. Some people like the very soft and durable satin finish that can be gotten from this grit. You could stop there or go on to the Green (Very Fine) points and polish with these to achieve a very high luster.

Be careful with gemstones and other embedded items. The grit in these points is silicon carbide and will scratch many gemstones. The hardness of silicon carbide is 9.2 on the Mohs scale which means it will scratch everything but a diamond and some cubic zirconias. I usually use my fingernails to protect the surface of the stone while polishing in case the point slips.

After polishing, it's always a good idea to buff with a polishing cloth to remove fingerprints. If the piece is to be sold, wrap it in tissue paper to deter oxidation.