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Segmented Designs

Segmented designs are named for the number of segments or elements within the design, pattern, or texture. Cool Tools offers a great selection of Segmented Designs Antique Molds that can match any metal clay jewelry piece. Choose from Three SegmentsFour Segments, Five Segments, or Six Segments to fit the style you are going for. Make a statement with the right Segmented Design available only from Cool Tools.
Cool Tools offers a great selection of metal clay Antique Molds featuring Three Segments for your jewelry making projects. Our Antique Metal Clay Molds make it easy to add custom design, patterns and textures to your metal clay pieces. Discover our Triceps Antique Mold, Trinity Antique Molds, Floral Trio Antique Molds and more. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.
Four Segment Antique Molds utilize four elements in their unique design, texture or pattern to add stunning elegance to your metal clay jewelry making projects. Cool Tools provides a vast array of Antique Metal Clay Molds featuring Four Segments to match any jewelry style. Choose from our Four Directions Antique Molds, Four Square Antique Molds, Tetra Flora Antique Molds and more. Cool Tools gives you all the metal clay molds you'll need to make beautiful jewelry creations.
Cool Tools carries several Five Segments Antique Molds to add amazing patterns, textures and designs any metal clay project. Our Five Segment metal clay Antique Molds can fit into any jewelry making project and provide just the right element your piece needs. Find our selection of Star Flower Antique Molds, Spinning Star Antique Molds, Raspberry Beret Antique Molds and much more. Add Five Segments Antique Mold designs to your metal clay jewelry today.
Add Six Segment designs to your metal clay jewelry making projects with help from Cool Tools. We offer a great selection of Six Segments Antique Molds that feature just the right number of elements in the design, pattern, or texture to match your jewelry piece. Our Original Antique Molds can be used on any metal clay and provide a touch of class and elegance. Discover our selection of Carousel Antique Molds, Sectored Plate Antique Molds, Grecian Rosette Antique Molds and more. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.