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PMC Sterling .925 - Silver Metal Clay
PMC Sterling - Silver Metal Clay

Kiln Fire - 2 Stage:
  • 1000F / 538C - 30 minutes (open shelf)
  • 1500F / 815C - 30 minutes (activated carbon)
Shrinkage - 15-20%

A Single Firing is also possible, as confirmed by Tim McCreight using the Water Method.
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Sterling silver clay has the working properties of soft clay when moist. It handles beautifully and stays moist longer than other silver clay products with the exception of PMC Flex. It can be modeled with fingers or modeling tools, rolled with a texture tile, molded, sculpted or pinched into anything you can imagine. Once dry, PMC STERLING can be sanded, filed, drilled, carved and shaped.

See our videos below for tips on working with PMC STERLING.

When firing PMC STERLING, you will need a small jewelry kiln that is capable of reaching and holding both 1000F / 538C and 1500F / 815C.

PMC Sterling is sterling silver in clay form.

Item# Item Name Price Qty
PMC-704 PMC Sterling - 25 gram - Silver Metal Clay
PMC-705 PMC Sterling - Silver Metal Clay - 50 gram pack
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To transform the dry clay into solid sterling silver, a short 2-stage firing process is used. The first phase (30 minutes at 1000F / 538C on an open kiln shelf) burns away the organic binder. The second phase is a 30 minute carbon firing at 1500F / 815C to sinter the clay into a solid sterling silver object. Check out our Gemstone Firing Guide for details on firing a specific stone. Shrinkage - 15-20%

Set stones using traditional setting tools and techniques, solder, drill, rivet and form, sand, file, etc. After firing, the solid sterling object can be quality marked .925 sterling. Create finely detailed jewelry with 3 times the strength of fine silver clays.

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