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Fretz Hammers

A quality jeweler’s hammer can help your projects come out just the way you want. Having a specialty hammer, perfect for the job at hand, can make your designing much easier. In this tool demo, learn about high quality Fretz hammers, and learn how there’s a perfect tool, for every job.
The tools and supplies used in each video are used below.

Fretz Forming Stakes

Forming stakes can offer you design options that no other tools can. Each stake allows you form and shape your creations in precise ways for a variety of design possibilities. In this tool demo, get to know Fretz Forming Stakes for creating one-of-a-kind designs.

Fretz Bench Anvils

Forming and shaping metal can be challenging if you’re not working with the right tools. Having a high quality bench anvil can make your jewelry creating easier, and more productive. In this tool demo, learn to use Fretz Bench Anvils to hammer, form and shape your unique creations.

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