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Ferro Sunshine Mixing Flux - Transparent 10-117 - 10 gram
Ferro Sunshine Mixing Flux - Transparent 10 117

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10 grams: $4.25
Product Dimensions: 10 gram
Made in Germany
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Ferro Sunshine Mixing Flux - Transparent 10-117

Use this mixing flux to lighten and to overprint Ferro Sunshine enamel colors. Can also be used as a coating flux.

Fire approximately 2 - 3 minutes at 1300°F - 1350°F. / 704°C - 732C.

Important Note: This Sunshine Colors cannot be applied directly to metal. Always apply this Sunshine Enamels to a piece that has been previously enameled. After application, let dry and then sift a light, dry coat of flux.

Note: Do not use with Ferro color Iron Red 17 578.

This product contains lead oxide. Please click the "TechSpecs" tab above for additional information.

Sunshine enamels are a very fine grind and should not be sifted. Can be mixed with other mediums and can also be screen printed or painted. When applied in many thin layers with firing in between, the colors may be more opaque and intense. Applying one thick layer will cause the enamel to crack. Make sure each layer is completely dry before firing.
Kiln Fire 1250-1300°F
Jan Harrell, artist, author and instructor recommends using a 200 mesh sifting of 2015-Flux over the piece before firing to help protect painted enamels.

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