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Cubic Zirconia

Many of our Cubic Zirconia Gemstones are kiln-safe, making them an excellent choice to add beautiful color and bling to your jewelry creations. Whether you are working in metal clay or using traditional fabrication or casting methods, we’ve got the stones you want at prices you can afford. Find a rainbow of sparkling Cubic Zirconia like Amethyst, Emerald, Garnet, Pink Sapphire, White Diamond, Fire Opal and others. We offer the widest selection of custom-cut CZ gemstones from small to large sizes 1.75mm to 16mm.

For firing temperatures and times on a variety of gemstones, refer to our Gemstone Firing Guide:

Click here to download a PDF version of our Gemstone Firing Guide.

Why buy cubic zirconia?

Using cubic zirconia in your jewelry artistry has many advantages.... among the highest is the relatively low cost for an increased value applied to your jewelry art.

Cubic zirconia is a relatively hard man-made gem, rating around 8 on the Mohs scale. A Diamond has a rating of 10 (the hardest) and graphite with a rating of 1-2. How does this relate to you, the jewelry artist? With a relatively high level of hardness, cubic zirconia gemstones are extremely suitable and appropriate for jewelry that may take some everyday abuse, such as rings or bracelets.

To the naked eye, Cubic Zirconia will be flawless every time. Should your jewelry art ever need a replacement stone, cubic zirconia, a very cost effective alternative to diamonds or sapphires, will retain the look and feel of the previous stone. No need to redesign your jewelry's attitude to fit the stone. Let the stone fit the jewelry.

Cubic zirconia has a relatively high refraction quality. This will vary from color to color. The refraction rate for zirconia is 2.15 – 2.18, in comparison, a diamond has a refraction rate of 2.417. What does this tell you? Each and every CZ you purchase from Cool Tools has a strong ‘fire’ or sparkle adding beauty to your jewelry.

We have a wide selection of pre-made ring settings and bezel templates to make your own settings in metal clay.