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Art Clay™ Silver 950 Clay
Art Clay Silver 950 Clay

Kiln Fire: 2 Stage - Open Shelf
932°F / 500°C - 30 minutes
1598°F / 870°C - 1 hour
Shrinkage: 11 - 13%

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We are authorized only to ship Art Clay Silver, gold and copper products to the following North American locations: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. territories and military bases ONLY. For international customers outside our territory, please purchase from your local distributor.

Art Clay Silver 950 Clay

Art Clay silver 950 comes in a pre-mixed clay form, ready to use. This product is 90% Silver and Copper alloy and 10% binder and water.
The surface hardness and bending strength of ACS 950 is approximately 60% stronger than regular Art Clay Silver. The finished silver surface is more resistant to scratches which is more suitable for rings and cuffs.

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Metal clays are water based and will dry over time. Store in our Clay Hydrator to extend the life of your clay.
It is necessary to always dry your pieces completely before firing. The surface of fired pieces will be white and matte due to the crystallization of the silver during firing

Click on our "TechSpecs" section for firing instructions and additional information.

Item# Item Name Price Qty
ACS-170 Art Clay™ Silver 950 Clay - 25 gram
ACS-180-X Art Clay™ Silver 950 Clay - 50 gram + Bonus 10%
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Paste Instructions: Mix ACS 950 with a small amount of water until it turns to a paste consistency. Fix and join dried (greenware) pieces. For fixing and joining fired ACS 950 pieces, use regular ACS Paste and re-fire at 1472°F / 800°C

General Firing Instructions

Uses This clay is perfect rings and cuffs.

Workability Working ACS 950 is not significantly different from working with regular ACS. If the clay feels a little stiff when first taking out of the package, knead well before use. For short-term storage, use a clay hydrator. For long-term storage, seal clay tightly in plastic wrap and store in a refrigerator

Embedded Objects Any object that can withstand the firing temperatures and times noted below can be embedded and fired in place. Check out our Gemstone Firing Guide for details on a specific stone.

2 Stage Firing
Open Shelf

Temperature Hold Time
Kiln Stage 1
932°F / 500°C

Stage 2
1598°F / 870°C
30 minutes then increase temperature to Stage 2

60 minutes - When complete, leave piece(s) in the kiln and wait until the temperature decreases to 392°F / 200°C

Torch Not Recommended

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