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Art Clay™ Copper 50 gram
Art Clay Copper 50 gram

Kiln Fire: 1778°F / 970°C - 30 minutes (open shelf)
Shrinkage: 10%

We are authorized only to ship Art Clay Silver, gold and copper products to the following North American locations: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the U.S. territories and military bases ONLY. For international customers outside our territory, please purchase from your local distributor.
Price: $18.10
Made in Japan
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Art Clay Copper

Art Clay Copper is a clay material that can make a wide range of pieces such as jewelry, craft designs, and objects like sculptures and models. Art Clay Copper can be fired in an electric kiln without using carbon, with the resulting fired piece being 100% pure copper. Art Clay Copper is a water-based clay, and dries naturally in the air. To avoid drying, when starting your piece, use the amount needed to make your desired piece, and store the rest in a clay hydrator.

This product is made of 100% pure copper. ArtClay Copper clay shrinks about 10% of its original size during sintering. The density of fired ArtClay Copper is about 90% of cast copper. When properly sintered, ArtClay Copper can be bent and formed. Copper is a very soft metal and is easy to form, drill, saw and manipulate. Pieces smaller than a silver dollar can be torch fired.

Uses ArtClay Copper can be used to create jewelry and decorative items. This clay, when fired with a torch or kiln, burns the binder away leaving a solid, pure copper object.
Workability ArtClay Copper clay is more "gummy" than COPPRclay. It has some "rebound" to it, like soft chewing gum. It should be kept cold when not in use and it may stiffen from the warmth of hands. Care should be taken to keep this clay wrapped. It tends to stain dry hands. Add only small amounts of water to create paste. Paste should be made very thick. A thin paste will not be effective. ArtClay Copper is excellent for carving and remains very flexible after drying.
Copper wire can be embedded and fired in place. Some gemstones, lab gems and cubic zirconia can be embedded and fired in place.
Kiln Temperature/Hold Time:
1778°F/30 min
Torch/Hold Time: Red Glow/5-7 min

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