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Ultralite Beehive Kiln
Ultralite Beehive Kiln

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The Ultra-Lite Kiln is table top jewelry kiln used to fire PMC 3, PMC Plus and Art Clay Silver fine silver clays. It will fire glass cabochons, over glaze enamels and is good for metal annealing and heat treating. The Ultralite is also popular with jewelers world-wide for working with granulation and keum boo, and enameling techniques. And, it's possible to fuse small glass projects as well.

The heating chamber of the kiln measures 3 1/2" in diameter and the exterior measures 5" in diameter. Nicknamed the "Bee Hive Kiln", it uses only 250 watts of power. The 15" cord plugs into standard 120V household power and heats directly to 1550F. The temperature can be raised to 1600F with the use of the Flat Cover Accessory, and a Temperature Controller can help you regulate the temperature accurately for best results.

The Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln is shipped ready to use for granulation and enameling. Spatula Included. Weighs 2 pounds.

Metal clay firing instructions below.

Ultralite Beehive Kiln

Use to fire small metal clay pieces (25 grams or less), bond gold to fine silver (keum boo, Accent Gold), and for enameling and granulation work.

Silver Clay Firing Discs are mini-ceramic kiln shelves. Fine silver pieces are placed on the disc to fire. One insert (3" in diameter) is placed on the heating element and allowed to pre-heat. Dry metal clay items are placed on the insert to fire. Fine silver clay cannot be fired without an insert.

Temperature Control is designed to lower the kiln temperature for Keum Boo and fusing fine and sterling silver. There are 10 temperature settings on the controller: From 850F - 1550F. The kiln has a very short cord, so the temperature controller works as the perfect extension cord as well.

Brass Keum Boo Covers are a set of 2 discs that fit over the heating elements to distribute heat evenly and regulate the temperature for the technique of keum boo. A cover is placed on the kiln and allowed to pre-heat with the kiln. The flat cover is for flat pieces, and the cover with the depression will allow you to work on dimensional items such as rings, beads, etc.

Flat Cover is placed on the heating element to raise the internal temperature to 1600F for enameled pieces. Fire with the lid off when using the flat cover to avoid going over temperature. The flat cover is also used under a firing tin to fire Accent Silver.

Power Consumption
The UltraLite plugs into a standard household outlet and draws 250 watts. Hourly cost to operate on average: 2 cents.

Kiln Location
The feet on the UltraLite Kiln are made of aluminum and can become hot enough to scorch wood during extended firing times. Use a 12" x 12" ceramic tile under the kiln to protect the table or counter surface.


The kiln is warrantied to be free of defects in workmanship for a period of 90 days from date of shipment. Manufacturer will repair or replace any parts that become defective under normal and proper use during the specified period.

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KLN-702 Ultra Lite Accessory: Ceramic Inserts for Metal Clay Firing - Pkg - 3
KLN-705 Ultra Lite Accessory: Flat Cover
KLN-704 Ultra Lite Accessory: Keum Boo Brass Covers (Flat & Indented)
KLN-703 Ultra Lite Accessory: Temperature Controller
KLN-701 Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln
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Product Tips:
Firing Precious Metal Clay with the Ultra Lite Beehive Kiln
  • Place one of the Firing Discs, texture side down, on the Ultra-Like heating element. Use just one insert.
  • Cover the kiln and preheat for 35 minutes.
  • Remove the cover and quickly place metal clay greenware (bone-dry metal clay) on the pre-heated Firing Disc using the provided spatula or long tweezers. Do not use your fingers. The kiln will be red hot.
  • The fine silver greenware will smoke very lightly and a gentle flame will develop as the binders burn away. Leave the pieces to sinter for at least 30 minutes.
  • Do not cover during firing. Using the lid increases the temperature and could melt your metal.
To fire additional pieces, cover the kiln and re-heat for 15 minutes.

Firing Precious Metal Clay at Maximum Temperature
Electricity in the US can vary from 110 to 120 volt. The difference in voltage is a normal variance within the A/C electrical grid system in this country, and it also varies throughout the day with loads that are placed on it, even loads in your own home. The changing voltage has an effect on the maximum temperature of the kiln. If the voltage in your area is 120, the Ultra Lite will heat to a higher temperature than where the voltage is 110. Since it's best to fire metal clay at the highest possible temperature, you will want to find out if leaving the lid on will melt the metal or if it's safe.

Test a small piece of metal clay or a snippet of fine silver wire for 20 minutes in the kiln with the lid on to see if firing with the lid on will work in your area without melting it. The piece should glow orange red. If it starts to shimmer like mercury it is over heating, and you'll need to fire with the lid off. You can add the flat cover to increase the temperature while still leaving the lid off.

Rings, Hollow Objects, Thick Pieces
When firing rings or tall items such as a box, or a large bead, to insure maximum tensile strength in your piece you will need to fire your piece on one side, and then turn your piece over and re-fire. Large or very thick items will also need extended firing time. Pieces 1/8" or thicker should be fired, turned over and fired again to assure complete sintering. Fine silver clay cannot be over-fired with the lid off.

How Much Per Load?
You can fire as many pieces as you can fit on the 3" diameter Firing Disc. No single piece should weigh more than 25 grams.

This product includes a 90 day limited manufacturers warranty.