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Cool Tools has everything you need for creating your own jewelry designs of any kind using traditional methods and precious metal clay. We'll get you started with information, projects, inspiration and every tool you could possibly want to support your creative spirit. We've got tips and tricks and plenty of good advice you can rely on for traditional metalsmithing techniques as well as PMC and Art Clay, fine silver clays, PMC PRO silver alloy clay, PMC Sterling clay, BRONZclay, FASTfire BRONZclay, and COPPRclay.
Discover the line of cool stuff for working with metal clay! The Cool Tools line includes products, tools and accessories including, Clay Hydrators, Cool Slip, Jewelry Shape Templates, Patina Gel, ClayMate, Ultra Clay Picks, Texture Tiles, Slik, Cool Rollers, Clay Thickness Rolling Frames, Tuff Cards, Jewel Stamps AlphaDisc Lettering Systems and more! You will also find metal clay supply kits for getting started in metal clay in a hurry!
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CZ: Champagne - Square 4mm Pkg - 4 Antique Mold - Road Runner Silver Plate Connector - Indian Palette Crazy Horse Jasper Gemstone - Cabochon Rectangle 35mm x 50mm Pkg - 1
Design Stamp - Cactus Flower Textured Metal - Snake Skin - Copper 24 gauge

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