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  Jewelry Finishing Mix - Stainless Steel - 1lb
Stainless Steel Mixed Shot 1 lb

Our stainless steel shot is a mix of pins, cones, rounds and cuts. All these shapes are necessary for a good polish. Avoid mixes without pins. Pins are the most expensive of the shapes, but are the most important as they get into the tiny crevices that other shapes cannot. Using a stainless steel shot is important to avoid rust. Using a steel shot (notice the word stainless is missing) will result in shot that rusts quickly. Be sure to view our video on using the Lortone Professional 3lb tumbler to see how to use the tumbler and the shot.

A highly polished surface can be obtained by tumbling your work for 2 hours. A decent polish can be obtained in about an hour. If you are using burnishing compound, dilute it to half of the manufactures recommendations to avoid tumbler barrel breakdown.

See our Lortone tumblers for a free downloadable publication on caring for your tumbler.
Per Pound: $27.90
Product Dimensions: 3.5mm, 12.6mm
Made in USA
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Product Code: BRN-402

Use this special jewelry mix in a rotary or vibratory tumble to tumble polish and work harden metals. Includes the right percentage of pins for fast, thorough polishing.