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  Silver Prep Non-Toxic Pickle Mix
Silver Prep Non-Toxic Pickle Mix


Silver Prep is an all natural non-toxic pickle mix that can be used as a traditional pickle for fine silver, sterling silver, copper and gold. Silver Prep is used to depletion gild sterling silver to fire directly in metal clay or to fuse metal clay directly to sterling silver during firing.

Silver Prep allows you to fire sterling silver directly with precious metal clay. You can apply metal clay to sterling silver or embed sterling silver into metal clay and fire together in the kiln or with a torch. Any item made of sterling silver (including Argentium) can be embedded and fired in place. PMC3 is recommended for kiln firing, however PMC Plus or PMC3 can be used when firing with a torch. SilverPrep is easy to use, non-toxic, organic and earth friendly! SilverPrep can be saved and used again and again.

Scroll down and watch our video showing how to co-fire sterling silver and precious metal clay to add strong sterling findings to your metal clay creations. Click on our Silver Prep Instructions to download instructions for using our Natural Pickle Mix.

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The traditional jewelers' pickle is a chemical called sodium bisulphate. I was taught to use a sodium bisulphate product called Sparex in my jewelry work. Sodium bisulphate is also packaged as a Ph balancing pool chemical. Sodium bisulphate works well as a pickle, but it's a byproduct of making hydrochloric acid and is a hazardous chemical. It gives off toxic fumes when mixed with water (even if the water is not heated), and because it's a highly corrosive chemical, it must be carefully neutralized before disposing of it. I never felt comfortable using sodium bisulphate, but I didn't question it because it's what my very first teacher showed me and what everyone else I'd known in the business used.

Up until the last couple of years, I routinely recommended sodium bisulphate as a pickle....but not anymore. I try to limit my exposure to toxic substances and I also don't want my personal activities to harm the environment. If there is a natural alternative to a toxic product, I want to use it. My search for a safe pickle led me to formulate Silver-Prep. It's an all natural pickle mix that I have blended especially for home jewelers and metal clay artists. Compared to sodium bisulphate, Silver-Prep actually works faster for removing oxides from sterling silver, is safe to use, organic and completely non-toxic. It does cost more than sodium bisulphate, but it goes a long way and I feel good about using it. It can be saved and re-used again and again, adding water to it as it evaporates. When disposed of, it can be diluted and safely poured down a drain.

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