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About Metal Clay Tools

We have various Metal Clay Tools to make your Metal Clay Jewelry projects go smoothly. Choose from Stone Setting, Texture, Shape & Design Tools and even Work Surfaces & Rollers for working with Metal Clay.

Essential Mold Making Tools

Making molds is an essential technique when working with metal clay. Molds allow jewelry artists the use of textures, designs, patterns, and shapes in unique ways. Making molds saves money and allows for the capture of designs, shapes and textures that are encountered every day and inspires unlimited creativity.

Essential Stone Setting Tools

Find all of your Essential Stone Setting Tools here at Cool Tools. Create unique pieces of jewelry with Metal Clay and set stones professionally and beautifully.

Essential Dry Clay Tools

Learn about all the essential tools needed for working with Dry Metal Clay. Sculpt and shape like a pro with all the best tools from Cool Tools. Find the right tools for working with dry metal clay today!

Essential Finishing Tools

Discover all the essential Finishing Tools you will need to finish your metal clay jewerly making projects fast and easy. Polish your pieces to perfection and get professional results from your metal clay creations using these tools.

Essential Firing Tools

Firing metal clay requires the right tools and supplies to get the job done right. Firing clay can be done with either a torch or a kiln. Both metal clay firing techniques require the right tools to get the results you desire from your metal clay jewelry creations.

Essential Texture Tools
Cool Tools has all the Essential Texture Tools you need to add intricate and beautiful textures to your Metal Clay Projects. Find unique and innovtive tools that make adding texture to your creations fast and easy.

Essential Wet Clay Tools
Discover all the essential tools needed for working with Wet Metal Clay. Sculpt and shape like a pro with all the best tools from Cool Tools. Get started today with the basics necessary tools.

Metal Clay Kits

Metal Clay Kits are an easy way to get all the right tools you need in one purchase. Each Metal Clay Kit includes all of your essential tools as well as detailed instructions and tips.

Metal Clay Jewelry Shape Templates
Cool Tools offers Metal Clay Jewelry Shape Templates that make it fast and easy to cut out shapes, designs, patterns and more out of your metal clay. Metal Clay templates make creating metal clay jewelry simple.

Metal Clay Texture Tips

Cool Tools has a wonderful selection of useful and affordable Metal Clay Texture Tips to choose from to complete your current or future jewelry project. Add a variety of textures and shapes to your pieces with these useful texture tips.