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Neck Wire Gold-Plate 16" Neck Wire Gold-Plate 16"

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Wire - Fine Silver - Dead Soft Wire - Fine Silver - Dead Soft

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Wire - Tin Bronze - Dead Soft Wire - Tin Bronze - Dead Soft

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Jewelry Chains and Wire

Create stunning pieces of jewelry with Jewelry Chains and Wire. We offer a huge selection of jewelry wire and chain available in Brass, Bronze, Silver and Copper in a full range of gauges. Our Chains and Wire are top quality and offer versatility and durability, and our Patterned Wire has unique designs for endless possibilities.

Special lengths can be requested. Please do this on the ordering page, or contact customer service after your order is placed.


We carry Brass chains available in several styles including S-Bar, Chain Bugle & Bar, Bow Tie, Brass Stamped Designs and more. Our Brass wire offers a multitude of patterns and gauges.


Our Bronze wire is a true Bronze alloy made from tin and copper. This wire is more malleable and easier to work with. Discover our selection of high quality Tin Bronze Wire available from 10 to 24 gauge. Choose from 5, 10, or 25 foot sections of our Tin Bronze Wire. Our Vintage Bronze Wire is available in several gauges ranging from 18 to 26 gauge.


Copper Chain & Wire is an inexpensive and beautiful way to make your jewelry creations stand out. We offer a wide variety of Patterned Copper Wire, Pure Copper Chain, and several other lengths of traditional Copper Wire.


Choose from a selection of Argentium, Sterling Silver, Dead Soft Wire, Bezel Wires, Silver Memory Wire, Flex-Rite Silver Flexible Wire, Silver chains and more.


Gold plated wire and chain is a cost effective way to add that bling to your jewelry.


Gunmetal plate chain works wonderfully for pendants, bracelets, necklaces and so much more. Make a bold statement with the unique and intricate designs of our stamped cable chain.