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Jett Ballistic™ - 8 oz
Jett Ballistic - 8 oz

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Jett Ballistic made with Kevlar® is a thermoplastic compound used for stone setting, riveting, engraving and holding parts. Use it to make rigid molds, drying forms, texture plates, and custom clay stamping tools. You can also make custom ergonomic handles and grips for your favorite tools. Jett Ballistic has a ceramic and Kevlar component that makes it so strong it can be used to make dies for hydraulic presses.

Jett Ballistic is made workable by soaking pellets in hot water, then gathering it into a ball of pliable material. It becomes rock hard when cooled and cannot be chipped, cracked or broken even when applying force with hammers or hydraulics. Jett Ballistic is the perfect fixturing material for riveting, holding difficult parts or stone setting and an endless number of other creative applications in the studio.

This product is similar to Jett Basic, however, since Jett Ballistic is made with Kevlar it sets to a harder finish.

Also available in 8oz jar.

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Jett Ballistic™

Jett Ballistic is a unique, easy-to-use compound formulated from an advanced thermoplastic and ceramic material. It is a plastic vice and fixturing compound used for stone setting, engraving as well as many other applications. Quick to set, non-toxic, biodegradable and versatile, it will not stick to, scratch or damage metal parts and can be re-softened and used again and again. It requires no special tools and will not chip or break, even under extreme pressure or shock.