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  Firescoff™ Ceramic Spray Coating
Firescoff™ Ceramic Spray Coating

Firescoff is a revolutionary heat activated ceramic spray coating. Firescoff combines a scale preventer, a high performance non-fluorinated flux (for both hard and soft solder) and the convenience of easy removal in warm water, all-in-one.

Some jewelry artists have switched from using boric acid, paste flux, and pickle solution to Firescoff because it's faster, offers more protection for gemstones, and features warm water cleanup.

Other benefits include:
  • Integrated non-fluorinated flux for consistent soft and hard solder welding.
  • Perform multiple soldering operations without waiting.
  • Enjoy strong, non-brittle, void-free welds.
  • Greater control when reticulating with silver or gold.
  • Superior performance over boric acid & Batterns flux or paste flux.
  • Provides stray heat protection for gemstones.
  • Prevents scaling of metal alloys including gold, stainless steel, copper, and silver.
  • Warm water cleanup - less than 2 minutes in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • Remove dangerous pickling acids from the workbench.
  • Alcohol-free - no dangerous flash, no frustrating burn residue.
  • No smell, no outgassing.
  • Significant improvement in safety over traditional methods.
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Gently warm your item to between 200F and 250F (95C-120C). Avoid damage and hot-spots by moving the flame continuously over the surfaces. Spray Firescoff so that it coats the metal and gemstones evenly. The heat of the metal will activate Firescoff from a clear liquid mist to a protective ceramic anti-oxidation barrier with built-in flux.

For Best Results: Apply Firescoff as a fine mist by spraying 6 to 8 inches from items to ensure even coverage of all surfaces. Make sure the entire piece is coated (not just the area being worked on) to prevent fire scale.

For Best Results: Improve Firescoff coverage and catch overspray at the bench by spraying into a small container, such as a plastic storage container.

Using the torch, gently re-heat the coated piece. Apply additional Firescoff where a reflection of the metal or gemstones is still visible.

Jewelry evenly coated with Firescoff is now protected from fire scale. It is also ready for immediate single or multiple retipping, stone setting, head replacement, etc.

Firescoff offers all the benefits of a high performance non-fluorinated flux with superior control and performance over traditional paste and liquid flux. With Firescoff, no additional flux is required.

The Firescoff coating can be removed by simply rinsing jewelry in warm water or placing jewelry briefly (less than 30 seconds) in an ultrasonic cleaner.