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  Patina Gel - 2 oz - Liver of Sulfur in Gel Form
Cool Tools Patina Gel - Liver of Sulfur in Gel Form - 2 oz

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Product Dimensions: 2oz bottle

Made in USA
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Use Cool Tools Patina Gel to add an antique finish to your metals.

Shows the basic use of liver of sulfur. Our Patina Gel is demonstrated, but lump or liquid form can also be used. The techniques are exactly the same once the liver of sulfur solution is made up.
Time-saving techniques for polishing after patina
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Cool Tools Patina Gel

Liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form. Made in the USA.

Cool Tools Patina Gel is liver of sulfur in a stabilized gel form. Not only is it the most convenient, easiest way to use liver of sulfur, but amazingly it does not degrade in light and air the way dry and liquid liver of sulfur does.

Cool Tools Patina Gel is economical. Use only what you need with our no-mess dispenser spout. No more digging for the "right sized chunk" or wasting pieces that are too large. No more throwing out a whole container because the lid was not on just right. Patina Gel is always fresh and always ready to use, and just a few drops is all you need.

Cool Tools Patina Gel is safe. Ordinary lump sulfur is flammable. Cool Tools Patina Gels unique chemistry makes it non-flammable and safe for international shipping.

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