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Antique Molds

Antique Molds are a great way to add texture or unique designs to your metal clay jewelry project. Cool Tools offers hundreds of unique and vintage designs to accent your individuality. Shop through our many types of molds including Nature, Cultural, Symbols and more. Click on any Antique Mold designs for size and other facts about the mold. You will also find detailed instructions and tips on packing and demolding below the photo of each mold. Click on the Show all Antique Molds section to browse them all. All of our Antique Molds for metal clay are copyright free so you are free to create collections for sale or gifts without worry. Add beautiful texture and design to your jewelry and metal clay with Antique Molds right here at Cool Tools.
Cool Tools provides a great selection of Cultural Antique Molds to incorporate beauty and history in your jewelry making designs. Explore our selection of ancient cultures including The East, Roman, Egyptian, and Mythical Creatures. Our Cultural molds are available in several sizes at affordable prices. Find all your antique jewelry design molds right here from Cool Tools.
Our Design Styles Antique Mold category is named for the type of inspiration behind the design or pattern. Cool Tools offers several Design Styles molds that offer elegance and stunning designs. Choose from Deco, Filigree, Geometric, Nouveau or Texture Molds. All of the Design Styles molds offer a unique way to customize your metal clay jewelry making projects quickly and easily.
Add a touch of nature to your metal clay jewelry designs with help from our Nature molds here at Cool Tools. We offer a vast array of nature inspired Antique Mold designs like Animals, Birds, Flowers, Insects, Leaves, Shells and more. Choose from several shapes and styles and find your favorite part of nature to add to your metal clay projects right here at Cool Tools.
Cool Tools offers you a great selection of Radiating Designs molds to make unique creations and metal clay jewelry. Choose from our many categories including Bursts, Mandala, and Pinwheel Antique Molds. Each Radiating Design has a center focal point and offers a unique pattern or texture that expands outward. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.
Find an elegant selection of Ribbons and Waves Antique Molds you can use to add design, texture and patterns to your unique and personalized metal clay jewelry making projects. Cool Tools had a huge selection of Ribbons and Waves Antique Molds to choose from including Rosetta, Tidal Wave, Twisted Ribbon, Jump Rope and more. Each Ribbons and Waves Antique Mold offers a unique way to express your elegance. Cool Tools has everything you need to add beautiful design and texture you your metal clay pieces.
Cool Tools offers a wide selection of Segmented Designs Antique Molds to choose from for your next metal clay jewelry project. These Antique Molds are categorized by the amount of segments in each design or pattern. Choose from Three Segments, Four Segments, Five Segments, or Six Segments. Find the right Segmented Design for your metal clay jewelry pieces right here at Cool Tools.
Find the right Symbol you need to bring your metal clay jewelry piece together right here from Cool Tools. We carry a variety of Symbols Antique Molds to make a statement with your creations. Find Music Notes Molds, Fleur De Lis Molds, Coptic Shield Molds and more. Cool Tools offers you everything you need for your metal clay projects.