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Stainless Steel Bead Rake Stainless Steel Bead Rake

Stainless Steel Bead Rake

Used to drag hot glass for several glass design techniques.

The bead rake may be used to manipulate molten glass (dragging, raking, swirling) as well as poke holes or produce air bubbles. Stainless steel with angled end.

Price: $5.30
New Price: $4.75
Safety Glasses Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses

Use for eye protection when working in the studio. Use when working with any motorized tool or when cutting glass.

One-piece polycarbonate lens for superior impact resistance. Integrated side-shields for added protection. Adjustable extension templates for a perfect fit. UV 400 guards against ultraviolet and infrared rays. Lightweight for comfort and balance.

Price: $5.10
Bead Making Tool Rest Bead Making Tool Rest

Bead Making Tool Rest

Use to rest hot glass, marvers, rakes and other tools for cooling and easy access.

This tool rest's V-shaped design allows you to safely rest hot mandrels, glass, and tools on your work surface for easy access. Keeps the hot ends up and your hands cool.

Price: $7.55
New Price: $6.00
Marver Set - Texturizing Marver Set - Texturizing

Marver Set - Texturizing

Use to texture and shape hot glass. 2 slabs, one with parallel lines and the other with dots.

Roll or press your glass into these textured metal surfaces to make interesting surface patterns. Experiment by rolling beads at different angles.

1 Set: $12.60
New Price: $8.00
Glass Graphite Paddle Graphite Paddle

Graphite Paddle

Use to roll and shape hot glass beads.

Fireworks graphite paddle is used to shape molten glass. The extra long handle is designed for a smooth comfortable grip. Graphite is lightweight and will not stick to hot glass.

Price: $14.10
New Price: $9.25
Heat Resistant Work Surface for Glass Heat Resistant Work Surface for Glass

Heat Resistant Work Surface for Glass

A plated steel work surface is a must when working the torch. The large size provides ample space to spread out your tools and equipment. For anyone who has mistakenly melted more than their glass!

Price: $18.90
New Price: $14.50
Bead Torch Bead Torch

Bead Torch

Use for making glass beads. Fits onto standard propane bottle.

This torch is great for beadmakers of any level, from beginners to more experienced lampworkers. This unique torch has a self-igniting system for easy use and a special regulator dial at the base of the nozzle that allows you to adjust the airflow. This control will let you change your temperature to make sure that you get true, clear colors for vibrant beads!

Price: $37.95
New Price: $32.00