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Safety Glasses Safety Glasses

Use for eye protection when working in the studio. Use when working with any motorized tool or when cutting glass.

Price: $5.10
Glass Pliers Glass Pliers

Use these pliers to snap glass after scoring it with the glass cutter.

Price: $5.15
Stainless Steel Bead Rake Stainless Steel Bead Rake

Used to drag hot glass for several glass design techniques.

Price: $5.30
Bead Making Tool Rest Bead Making Tool Rest

Use to rest hot glass, marvers, rakes and other tools for cooling and easy access.

Price: $7.55
MAPP Propane Gas Bottle Holder MAPP Propane Gas Bottle Holder

Use to hold 1lb bottles safefly and securely. Removeable clamp for quick setup and teardown.

Price: $9.00
Marver Set - Texturizing Marver Set - Texturizing

Use to texture and shape hot glass. 2 slabs, one with parallel lines and the other with dots.

1 Set: $12.60
Glass Graphite Paddle Graphite Paddle

Use to roll and shape hot glass beads.

Price: $14.10
Glass Nipper Cutters Glass Nipper Cutters

Use to quickly nip glass and ceramic tile into shapes or small pieces. Tungsten carbide nippers stay sharp. Black carbide construction with soft red rubber grips handles.

Price: $15.25
Bead Torch Bead Torch

Use for making glass beads. Fits onto standard propane bottle.

Price: $37.95