Two Kinds of Investment

We offer traditional casting investment and silica-free casting powder so you have a choice.

What's the difference?

Our Ultra Smooth Investment is a premium jewelers' investment designed for use with platinum, gold and silver and is stable at temperatures in excess of 2000F. Investment is a product that is specially blended from gypsum and crystobilite for use in casting metals. Our Ultra Smooth Investment produces pellets and placeholders that have no porosity (pin holes) so your rings shanks are smooth inside after firing, requiring less cleanup and polishing. Pellets made from Ultra Smooth Investment do not shrink and do not stain the metal. Wear a dust mask to avoid inhalation of the product. Studies have shown that silica bearing products can cause lung irritation or silicosis over time if breathed repeatedly without protection. The industry standard for working with silica-based products is a 3M dust mask.

Ring Pellets made from Ultra Smooth Investment are very strong and can be de-molded in 25 minutes.

Our Silica-Free Casting Powder is an alternative to our traditional investment. Silica-Free Casting Powder does not contain crystobolite. It can be mixed without the use of a dust mask.

Pellets and placeholders made from Silica-Free Casting Powder are not as strong as investment, require 2 hours to set up, but are silica-free.