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Clayboard Replacement Teflon Surface Clayboard Non-Stick Rolling Surface 6" x 9" Cool Roller Size 2 Spacers (White) Cool Roller Acrylic Roller - 8 inch length
Cool Roller Acrylic Roller - 6 inch length Cool Roller Size 3 Spacers (Red) Cool Roller Size 3T Spacers (Red) Cool Roller Size 4 Spacers (Blue)
Cool Roller Size 5 Spacers (Black) Cool Roller Size 5T Spacers (Black) Cool Roller Size 6 Spacers (Yellow) Cool Roller Size 7 Spacers (Green)
Non-Stick Economy Roller 7" no grooves Cool Roller Non-Stick Roller - 7 inch length Cool Roller Non-Stick Set - 6" with sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 spacers Worksurface & Snake Maker - Acrylic
Non-Stick Economy Roller 7"
Price: $3.25
In Stock
Worksurface - Self Healing - Double Sided 8-1/2" x 12" Worksurface - Self Healing - Double-Sided - 9" x 12" Tuff Cards Teflon Project Cards - 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" - Set of 3 Clay Surface Extra Thick Teflon Sheet - 5" x 8"
Worksurface - Self Healing 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" Cool Tools Clayboard Non-Stick Rolling Surface 9" x 9" Cool Tools Clayboard Replacement Teflon Surface 8" x 8" with Adhesive Accessory Turntable
Accessory Turntable
Price: $18.60
In Stock
Worksurface Turnabout Clay Thickness Rolling Frames - Extra Large Cool Tools Clear Worksurfaces - 4" x 5"
Worksurface Turnabout
Price: $49.95
In Stock

Worksurfaces & Rollers

A work surface and roller are 2 of the most important tools you will need when working in metal clay. We have a great selection of Worksurfaces and Rollers to choose from. You’ll need a work surface that keeps your metal clay elevated and safe from tools, and you’ll need a roller that does not stick to metal clay. You will also need a means of gauging the thickness of your clay slabs, and we’ve got you covered with our Cool Roller with calibrated spacer rings or our Clay Thickness Rolling Frames for the easiest solution to metal clay rolling.