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Wire - Tin Bronze - Dead Soft
Wire - Tin Bronze - Dead Soft


Our tin bronze wire is a true bronze alloy made of tin and copper. Most so-called "bronze" wire sold is actually an alloy of copper and zinc, which is technically brass. Our bronze wire works perfectly with BRONZclay and FASTfire BRONZclay, and can be fired in place.

BRONZclay is an alloy of 89% copper and 11% tin. We've added just a touch less tin to make the wire more malleable and easier to work with. Our wire has been fully annealed so the temper is dead soft. If you are familiar with dead soft fine silver or sterling silver wire, you'll notice immediately that Tin Bronze wire is much harder. It feels more like half hard sterling because of the nature of the alloy.

Be advised that when soldering, flux will deplete the tin from the surface of the wire and when the items are taken out of the pickle, they will appear to have been copper-plated, and removing this copper layer is not practical because it's much too deep. Be prepared for a copper-enriched surface if you plan to solder using any type of boric or borax containing product. If you do not want a copper enriched surface, use a cold-connection, a low temperature solder that does not require pickling, or do not pickle objects that have been soldered.

Item# Item Name Price Qty
WIR-447 Wire - Tin Bronze - 10 gauge Dead Soft 5 ft
WIR-448 Wire - Tin Bronze - 12 gauge Dead Soft 5 ft
WIR-449 Wire - Tin Bronze - 14 gauge Dead Soft 5 ft
WIR-450 Wire - Tin Bronze - 16 gauge Dead Soft 10ft
WIR-451 Wire - Tin Bronze - 18 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
WIR-452 Wire - Tin Bronze - 20 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
WIR-453 Wire - Tin Bronze - 22 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
WIR-454 Wire - Tin Bronze - 24 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
WIR-455 Wire - Tin Bronze - 26 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
WIR-456 Wire - Tin Bronze - 28 gauge Dead Soft 25ft
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Wire - Tin Bronze - Dead Soft

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