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What is Metal Clay?

Made up of Organic Binder and small particles of powdered Metal, Metal Clay is an amazing material used for Jewelry making. Metal Clay is used and sculpted much like ordinary Clay. You can create pieces of jewelry with more control and creativity. Metal Clay is the perfect Jewelry making agent for any jeweler whether beginner or advanced. This substance is versatile, incredibly unique and available at Cool Tools.

The consistency of Metal Clay is very similar to Modeling Clay and can be molded by hand or with tools into various shapes and textures. When Metal Clay is heated at high temperatures, the organic binder is burned away and the remaining metal particles fuse together creating one pure substance of either Silver, bronze, copper or gold. Metal Clay is especially useful where small detail and intricacy is needed. This amazing substance is fairly new, having been developed in the early 1990s by a Japanese Scientist looking to combine ceramics with Jewelry making. It is now one of the most popular materials used for unique hand-crafted jewelry. After being fired, your finished metal pieces can be colored, sanded, soldered, or polished. Metal Clay makes it easy to shape Jewelry, add texture and experiment in ways you never knew were possible.

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