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What Makes Metal Clay Unique

Any other jewelry making material is incomparable to Metal Clay. Metal Clay allows you to work with Metal in a way you never knew was possible. Get the benefit of shaping and molding metal with your own hands and metal clay tools available here at Cool Tools. Use Metal Clay to create beautiful pieces of one of a kind jewelry by using various metal clay techniques.

Metal Clay is so unique because it allows you to create one of a kind textures and shapes that would be near impossible to create with ordinary metal. Metal clay is amazingly versatile allowing you to add intricate detail and the ability to shape and form it with ease. Metal Clay pieces can be fired in a variety of ways to achieve the finish you want. Work easily on your favorite jewelry projects. Metal Clay can be glazed, enameled and mixed with a variety of substances to create vibrant colors or consistencies. Gemstones and glass can be added to wet metal clay for a seamless bond. Once Metal Clay is heated and fired, you can also sand and solder if needed. It's easy to see why Metal Clay is the jewelry making material choice among many jewelers. Create your jewelry more efficiently and more creatively with the one and only Metal Clay!