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What do I need to get started in metal clay?
To get started in metal clay, you’ll need just a few tools, some clay and a way to fire it. We highly recommend that you begin your explorations with fine silver clay because silver is the easiest to work with and offers the most flexibility in firing.

There is a small core of basic tools that are needed for working with metal clay. You’ll need a surface to work on, a roller, and some forming and finishing tools.

We’ve created some basic tool kits that you can purchase to save you the time and trouble of figuring out what you want from the myriad of choices. To learn more about the kit you are interested in, click the kit name.

Economy Starter Kit
This kit includes the most basic and least expensive tools necessary for working with metal clay. The Economy Starter Kit is designed for those who want to spend the smallest amount possible to get started working in fine silver, silver alloy, bronze, copper or gold clays. The kit includes basic clay working tools, forming and finishing tools, but does not include firing tools. Any type of clay can be used with the Economy Starter Kit. If you choose this kit, you’ll probably also want to use the least expensive firing method, which is a butane torch. We offer an Economy Torch Firing Kit to round out your tools for getting started on a shoestring.

Basic Starter Kit
This kit includes the basic tools, but instead of the least expensive tools, we’ve included some better quality tools (but not the most expensive) where there is a choice. We’ve also included some extras that will allow you more design options and easier ways to work. Any type of clay can be used with the Basic Starter Kit. In addition to the Basic Starter Kit, you’ll need to choose a firing method.

Deluxe Starter Kit
This kit is for the serious jewelry student. We’ve included everything you need to create in any kind of metal clay from forming to finishing….even the kiln! This kit will allow you to create in any clay, but in order to fire bronze or copper, you’ll need the Bronze & Copper Firing Kit.

Silver clay can be fired with a hand held torch, a small trinkit kiln, a tabletop jewelry kiln and even on a gas stove top. Other metal clays, such as copper, bronze and the new silver alloy clay, PMC Pro, require a digital jewelry kiln, a special firing container and carbon firing media for proper sintering. (Copper clay can be torch fired, but requires quenching of the hot metal and an acid bath to remove the oxidation from the surface after firing, which is why we recommend fine silver for beginners). We’ve created firing kits to save you time in selecting the tools you will need for firing the types of metal clay you want to work with.

Economy Torch Firing Kit
This kit includes the very basic tools you will need to fire fine silver, gold and copper clays with a torch. This low-cost kit will give you everything you need to create your first projects. Even if you want to move up to a digital jewelry kiln eventually, you will want and need a torch in your toolbox. A butane torch is inexpensive, easy to use and will allow you to do some simple soldering and metalsmithing tasks that will come in handy as you gain skills in jewelry making. The only thing you cannot fire with the torch is bronze clay and PMC Pro silver alloy clay.

Kiln Firing Essentials Kit
This kit includes all the kiln furniture and accessories you will want and need to fire fine silver and gold clays. With the addition of the Carbon Firing Kit you can also fire PMC Pro, copper, bronze clays.

Carbon Firing Kit
This kit provides you with the tools and materials you will need for carbon firing PMC Pro silver alloy clay, and copper and bronze clays. Fine silver clay can be fired in carbon to protect heat sensitive stones.