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EZ960 Easy Paper Punch Earrings

by Cindy Pope

Artist, Instructor and Silhouette Curio expert, Cindy Pope started out with Precious Metal Clay Rio certification and metalsmithing classes and is one of Hadar Jacobson’s first Cadre of Base Metal Accredited teachers.

In the first video below, In this video, Cindy switches gears from using the Silhouette Curio™ to creating fun, simple paper punch earrings using a thinly rolled sheet of EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay. She completes these layered flower earrings by adding a 4mm cubic zirconia which is sandwiched in place by 2 washer style pieces of greenware sheet. To minimize waste and create another version, Cindy uses a circle template to create the reverse look for a second pair.

The second video from Cindy gives detailed instruction on how to roll out metal clay sheet for this Silhouette Curio. This same technique can also be used for the paper punch earrings.

Cindy also has great tutorials on the CRAFTCAST™ with Allison Lee. Click here to link to CRAFTCAST. (Note: you will be leaving the Cool Tools website)

Click here to check out our full line of Paper Punches.

The tools and supplies used in this video are listed below.

EZ960 Easy Paper Punch Earrings

Rolling Metal Clay Sheet

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