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Varieties of Metal Clay Kits

You'll be thrilled with all the various Metal Clay Kits we have to offer. From small basic kits to large deluxe Metal Clay Kits, we have the kit for your metal clay project. Shop through a variety of Metal Clay Kits to find exactly what you need for creating custom pieces of jewelry.

When you purchase a Metal Clay Kit, you'll be provided with everything you'll need to start designing and creating metal jewelry. Choose from ring making kits, bead firing kits, flexible clay kits, and Etching Kits (includes everything you need to get started etching on copper). You can also choose the Metal Clay Basic Tool Kit, Silver & Gold Soldering Kit (includes everything you need to learn to successfully solder metal clay, sterling silver, copper and gold), and Torch Firing Kits. Cool Tools offers the best Kits and tools so you can bring your metal clay dreams to life.

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