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About Valerie Bealle

Valerie has spent most of her life in a love affair with craft. Her journey started when, as a child, she learned to crochet. After many doilies and two children, she graduated to creating wearable art in freeform crochet. Along the way Valerie learned to spin yarn, weave cloth, and to dye anything in sight. She started a business, “North Shore Weavers” that supplied the interior design industry with hand woven, custom sofa throws, wall hangings and pillows. A serious shoulder injury ended her weaving days, but her hands would not be denied. Valerie always liked to include beads in her crochet and weaving, so there was a natural progression to jewelry design.

It was at this point that Valerie discovered a relatively new product called “metal clay”. It seemed like magic that she could take a lump of this clay-like substance, form it, dry it and fire it in a kiln and come away with a piece of silver jewelry. She never looked back.

In the years that she has worked with metal clay she became a certified pmc instructor, and teaches at the Greatneck Adult Center. Valerie also sells her work at select craft shows and through her website. In addition, her work has appeared in MetalClay Artist Magazine.

Valerie Bealle Methods

Valerie thinks of herself as a jewelry designer. She doesn’t know or care if she is an artist. She uses metal clay as her medium and creates jewelry in distinct collections for imaginary modern women. These collections are named to reflect the personality of the woman. This helps to keep her focused. Because it is more fun, she makes these women very different from one another. Her “Warrior Princess” collection is for an assertive women and contains some design elements from antiquity. “Flower Power” is much softer and more feminine and nature inspired but has a hippy vibe. Finally, “Romancing the Stone” is for the woman who wants a dramatic statement piece and it usually evolves from a beautiful and large cabochon. Valerie especially likes the tension between refinement and the organic and strives to show that in her work.

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