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Using Bronze Metal Clay

Have a blast creating and making your very own jewelry with Bronze Metal Clay. It's unbelievable how easy it is to make your own jewelry thanks to this ingenious product, Bronze Metal Clay. Create custom pieces of jewelry using Bronze Clay. Add unique details and designs, create such jewelry as earrings, bracelets, rings, chains, pendants and necklaces. You be the artist, Bronze Metal Clay gives you the freedom to make jewelry that shows your personality. Your jewelry making possibilities are endless with a little Bronze Metal Clay.

Experience a whole new creative experience when you use Bronze Metal Clay found right here at Cool Tools. Have fun working with Clay, knowing that the finished product with be solid metal. It's a totally invigorating experience having all the power and capability to create jewelry that looks professional and exquisite. With Bronze Metal Clay you will be able to create pieces of jewelry that would be next to impossible with other jewelry making techniques. Easily shape and form the jewelry in its malleable clay state then add gemstones, glass, resins and more for further customization. After firing you are left with a pure Bronze substance that can be sanded, soldered, colored and polished to perfection. Get all the advantages of Clay with the result of solid metal Bronze! Try this amazing Metal Clay for yourself, be careful though, it's addicting!