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Uses of Metal Clay Tools

Each Metal Clay Tool serves its own unique purpose for assisting in the process of creating jewelry. Knowing which Metal Clay Tools are best for your Jewelry project is simple at Cool Tools. We provide you with all the information about Metal Clay Tools and their unique uses. Discover all the fun of creating and working with Metal Clay and the proper Tools.

Our Clay Sculpting Tools are needed for adding small detail, texture and design as well as creating your desired shape and form. Ring Tools such as Mandrels help you create a round and smooth finished ring in the desired size you choose. Anti-Stick Products help keep Clay from sticking to your hands, textures and tools. Keum Boo is a simple technique where thin sheets of gold are fused to silver, which is an inexpensive way to add the luster of 24K gold to silver creations. Molds & Forms are great for those looking for a specific look or design and want to achieve it in a more simple process. We also have tools for carving and lettering which make your jewelry making effortless and more enjoyable. Start shopping for your Metal Clay Tools today and have fun creating whatever you can imagine, with Metal Clay.