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Unique Metal Clay Jewelry

Creating jewelry is easier than ever thanks to Metal Clay! This unique substance allows you to mold, shape and work with metal in a very malleable form with your hands and various tools. Clay is versatile medium used for all kinds of arts and crafts. Learn about metal clay, such as Precious Metal Clay and ArtClay, and discover how you don't have to be a gold smith to make metal jewelry. This section also covers polymer clay and paper clay.

1. Earrings

Creating a one of a kind pair of earrings is simple and fun with Metal Clay. Cool Tools provides you will all the materials and tools you'll need to complete a jewelry making project. Learn various techniques whether it be for firing, soldering or finishing. The Cool Tools Learning Center is a great resource to start learning how to create your very own metal clay jewelry. You will find projects like the Wing Print Earrings Project, Molded Object Earrings Project. Another great beginners workshop video is our Textured Rope Earrings video. Metal Clay goes a long way in earring design when you want a big impact. Teach yourself with our Learning Center Videos or buy your own books and DVDs from our store. You'll love the freedom of creating your very own unique pieces of jewelry with Metal Clay.

2. Necklaces

Design and make your very own necklace with unique Metal Clay. Cool Tools offers the best products to get the job done. Making Metal beads has never been easier thanks to Metal Clay. Cool Tools offers tips, advice and the best techniques for getting the job done easily and efficiently. Our Learning Center is loaded with tons of helpful jewelry making videos and projects. You can also order specific books and DVDs to refer to as you learn. These books and DVDs will make a nice addition to your collection of jewelry making resources. In our learning center you can find videos for several different projects like our Layered Copper Necklace, Bar Chain Project or The Ginkgo Pendant Project. These projects will teach you how to create a handcrafted simple bar chain, plus you can use your own creativity and imagination to create unique metal clay pendants. You can create anything you can imagine with our wonderful Metal Clay. You'll be blown away by all the possibilities that come out of Metal Clay!