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Metal Clay Necklaces

Cool Tools provides you with all the resources and materials for creating your very own unique Metal Clay Necklaces. Learn how to create specific necklaces or learn new jewelry making techniques at the our Learning Center. At the Learning Center you'll find videos for how to create a Copper Layered Necklace, using mixed metals or the Wild Roses Necklace where you'll learn how to rivet. The Learning Center also features downloadable projects like the Wild Rose Necklace Project. Start up a new hobby today, or master a technique all from the comfort of your own home while viewing jewelry making lessons from Cool Tools.

Metal Clay Pendants

Create unique and detailed pendants from Metal Clay using our Learning Center where we'll teach you how to create specific Pendants or master a new skill. The downloadable projects are another great resource as well. Choose from beautiful pendant projects like the Roll Over Pendant and the Drop Grid Pendant. At Cool Tools we want to provide you with all you'll need to become a skilled jewelry maker, so start something new today.

Metal Clay Earrings

Harness your metal clay talents to make unique metal clay earrings. Cool Tools offers all the guidance and direction you will need to create Metal Clay Earrings with various fun to learn techniques. Discover how to make Molded Object Earrings from Molds, or Texture Rope Earrings from our easy to follow Videos found at the Cool Tools Learning Center. There you will also find a great How-To Video on Wing Print Earrings featuring how to color with heat. You'll be amazed at how much you can create and design with metal clay. Get started making metal clay earrings today.

Metal Clay Bracelets

Create your very own jewelry exactly the way you want it! Working and bringing your visions to life have never been easier thanks to metal clay. You are essentially shaping metal in an easy to form and manipulate clay substance. Here at Cool Tools you can learn how to create different types of jewelry such as Metal Clay Bracelets. Visit our Learning Center and click the Metal Clay Projects link. There you will find an easy to follow metal clay video for our Affirmation Bracelet Project. Once you have the basics down for creating metal clay bracelets, let your imagination run wild.