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Types of Metal Art Clay

Cool Tools offers a wide selection of Metal Art Clays for your jewelry projects. Art Clay is known for less shrinkage when heated and can be fired with a torch. Get creative with all of the different types of Metal Art Clay we have to offer.

You will find the best selection of Art Clay products right here at Cool Tools. Choose from Art Clay in ACS Slow Dry, ACS Low Fire, ACS Standard, ACS Copper, ACS Gold and more. Metal Art Clay is available in pure fine silver Silver and High Karat Gold Metals. Art Clay is great for many different jewelry projects since it allows fast torch firing and is known to have the least shrinkage after sintering. This is a wonderful material to use for braiding or adding intricate detail. All of the Metal Art Clay at Cool Tools is genuine and a "Green" product as well. All Art Clay is made with recycled Metals. Shop through to find the right Metal Art Clay for your next jewelry adventure.