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Clay Texture Tiles

You'll be impressed with our selection of clay textures that can be used with any soft clay; whether it is precious metal clay, polymer, earthen, or porcelain. Shop over 1500 patterns and sizes. Get the perfect impression every time. We have a large range of sizes ad designs,
Our standard texture tiles measure 2" x 4" and are deeply etched, or choose our Rollable Texture Tiles that have a shoulder allowing one of our Clay Thickness Rolling Frames to sit directly on the texture. For larger projects we have Mega Tiles that measure 9 1/4" x 6". This larger size allows you to pick your favorite part of the texture and comfortably design that perfect piece. Another version of our larger tiles, Jewelry Artist Elements also measure 6" x 9". These embossed designs produced raised images that give the illusion of repousse and looks wonderful with patinas and surface coloring. Don’t forget our Cool Slip as a release for the cleanest impressions.
We have recently added to our flagship textures. Delicate Elements measure 6" x 9" and have graduating sizes that are specially designed to create beautiful, delicate designs using very small amounts of clay. Even larger than our MegaTiles, our Easy Release Textures measure 6" x 12" which makes them perfect for both large and small projects. Crisp, clean designs every time! The next evolution in textures are made of a proprietary natural rubber that requires less release/lubricant and are metal clay and polymer clay friendly. All of our textures are flexible and washable. Keep a look out for new designs to add to your tool kit.