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Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Shallow
Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Shallow .037"/.94mm

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Price: $33.60
Product Dimensions: 8-1/4" x 11-3/4"
Made in USA
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Steel Backed Photopolymer Plate - Shallow

Plate size is 8-1/4" x 11-3/4 sheets and can be cut and customized to fit most any project. These Photopolymer Plates can be scored or marked on the back with permanent marker and cut with metal shears. Get the exact size you need.

These durable plates offer more support and stability than liquid packs. It's easy to get the textured plate you have always wanted. Steel-Backed Photopolymer Plates are used with the same negative papers as liquid photopolymer, and can be used with photopolymer frames or an acrylic work surface.

How to use Steel-Back Photopolymer Plates
Mark and cut down your Photopolymer plate to your desired size. Remove the protective plastic UV covering on the plate before proceeding. Place your photo-negative transparency ink side down on top of your photopolymer plate and place between the frame back and acrylic top.

Washing Steel-Backed Photopolymer Plates:
After exposure is complete, use a sink or dishpan to wash your design. Using water and a soft brush hold the plate under the water and brush your design. The unexposed polymers will wash away. Continue to brush your design until the plate feels clean and the metal is exposed. Let your plate dry.