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Solder Cutting Pliers
Solder Cutting Pliers

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Solder Cutting Pliers

Use to cut solder or granules from wire or sheet.

Cool Tip! LogoUse to cut various gauges of wire into uniformly sized pieces for perfectly sized granules. Each wire gauge will make a different sized granule. Use the granules as design elements in metal clay or traditional metalsmithing projects. The same can be done with various gauges of sheet material.

Making Fine Silver Granules
Set up a soldering board like a slide into a bowl of water. After cutting fine silver wire pieces for your granules, place the pieces on the tilted soldering board and melt into balls with a torch. As the metal bits melt and ball up, they will roll down the soldering board into the water where they will be instantly quenched and ready for use.

These solder cutting pliers work with both sheet and wire. Cuts sheet solder in 1/16" squares or wire solder up to 18 gauge in 1/16". The cut pieces are not flipped or launched when cut, so you will not lose your chips or pieces.