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Sizing a Ring with a Stone Up and Down

by Matt Breunig

Resizing a ring with a stone can be intimidating. In this video, Matt shows how to use ring scorch protection to size a ring both up and down. He removes metal from one ring to size down and solders the metal to another to size up. Visit Matt's website:

Watch how to create this ring here

Upon graduating high school in Hastings, NE, Matt attended the Texas Institute of Jewelry and Technology in Paris, TX. This is where he received his Goldsmith and Gemologist Degree. After working as an in-house jeweler for over 20 years he decided to start his own business. He is influenced heavily by the music he listens to in his shop, as well as custom ideas from people he meets at art shows. All of Matt’s jewelry is either made through lost wax or lost object casting, with centrifugal caster, or it is hand fabricated. Moving to Indiana in 2013 and becoming a member of Indiana Artisan has expanded his reach into the Hoosier art community. Becoming involved in the Fort Wayne art scene has brought lots of new opportunities and an exciting future with many more years of making beautiful jewelry.

WARNING! Always use safety equipment when soldering!
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