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Silver Clay Bead Firing Kit
Metal Clay Firing Dish Supports During Sintering

Our Silver Clay Firing Support kit consists of a high-temperature fused silica firing dish filled with your choice of firing media. The media cradles items needing support during firing. Beads, domes and other 3-dimensional or hollow items need support during firing to avoid flat spots, slumping or collapse.
Choose Vermiculite or Alumina Hydrate as a Media
Vermiculite and alumina hydrate are both safe and work well as a firing media. Vermiculite is a mineral that breaks down as it is heated into worm-like accordion shaped pieces that make a most wonderful media for firing metal clay objects.
Alumina hydrate is also a very nice media for firing. It is made from aluminum sulfate and sodium carbonate. Alumina hydrate is used in the ink and paint industry as a colorant and in the cosmetic industry as a colorant and filler. Alumina hydrate has a sandy or powdered texture which some prefer over the coarser texture of vermiculite.
Before firing metal clay in your firing dish, pre-fire the media and the dish alone to 1650F (no hold).

Super Fine Vermiculite is perfect for firing with EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay. When firing EZ960 pieces that require support, we recommend using either alumina hydrate or vermiculite that is crushed to a very small, fine consistency prior to firing.

Silver Clay Bead Firing Kit

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