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Safety Solvent - 4 oz
Safety Solvent - 4 oz

Aves Safety Solvent makes finishing work & clean up easy! For use with Aves® Apoxie® products & other epoxy brands. Recommended for smoothing, seaming, feathering, texturing, tooling, and quickly cleaning your tools, brushes and surfaces. Remove excess material, fingerprints, unwanted residue and film from your project using a couple drops of Safety Solvent on a paper towel, brush or Q-tip before epoxy sets up. Also removes saps, inks, markers, paints & stains from fabrics, brushes and other surfaces. (Always test surface or fabric for color fastness & structure).
Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $8.00
Product Dimensions: 4 oz
Made in USA
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Safety Solvent - 4 oz


  • Aves® Safety Solvent is safer than most all solvents available.
  • Conforms to ASTM D4236.
  • Great replacement for acetone & other commonly used toxic solvents.
  • Clear liquid. Low flammability, high flash point. Low odor and fumes.
  • Freeze-thaw Stable, Incredible shelf life!
  • DOT Certified for shipping by air, land or sea.
  • Does NOT contain alcohol, M.E.K.P, paint thinners or other harmful substances found in similar products.
  • Companion product for use with Aves® 2-part products and other epoxies.
  • Aves® Safety Solvent comes in a flip-top plastic squeeze bottle

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