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Metal Clay Ring Sizers Metal Clay Ring Sizer Molds
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Metal Clay Ring Sizers

Take the guesswork out of sizing your metal clay rings. Cool Tools metal clay Ring Sizers are a pellet that are placed inside the ring shank during firing that controls the size of the ring, ensuring perfect ring sizing every time.

Make lots of metal clay rings? Purchase our Ring Sizer molds and make your own ring pellets in both half and whole sizes. Also available in gang molds in the most popular ring sizes of 6, 6.5,7, and 7.5.

Click here to download a PDF version of Metal Clay Ring Sizers Instructions.

Sizers advantages.

Metal clay shrinks during the drying and firing process. Ring sizers are produced with a material that does not shrink or burn when firing metal clay in a kiln or with a torch. Cool Tools metal clay Ring Sizers make it both possible and easy to accurately size a metal clay ring with confidence.