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Replacement Muffle - Evenheat Kingpin 88
Replacement Muffle - Evenheat Kingpin 88

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Replacement Muffle - Evenheat Kingpin 88

Elements are embedded in the ceramic fiber walls in the Kingpin 88 firebox. When the elements burn out, the entire firebox, called a "muffle" is replaced. This is a Replacement Muffle for all 120V Evenheat Kingpin 88 model kilns. Your kiln will be just like new when the muffle is replaced. This muffle will last as long as your previous muffle if you use it the same way. Kiln elements are similar to lightbulbs. Lightbubs have a certain number of hours that they are good for, and then they burn out. Kiln elements are like that, but they are also affected by the temperature you fire at, so more firings, longer firings, hotter firings will give you a shorter number of days of service. Use the kiln less often at lower temperatures, it will naturally last longer. Shipping applies.