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Project Video - EZ960 Sliding Pendant by Wanaree Tanner
Project Video - EZ960® Sliding Pendant by Wanaree Tanner


Wanaree Tanner began her metal clay career in 2008 and remains in the forefront of innovation, technique development and tool invention. This video features her Signature Texture Plate - Tibetan Smoke & Fire. Wanaree's texture plates are original hand-drafted, finely detailed designs for metal clay, polymer clay and paper crafts. These natural gum rubber texture plates are an invaluable addition to your studio. This is the third video in a series of six illustrating each individual texture plate. In this video, Wanaree demonstrates yet another great technique using her Tibetan Smoke & Fire signature texture plate and EZ960 Sterling Silver Clay. Watch the video and create this beautiful sliding pendant.

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Clay Perforating Needle Tool Foam Healing Tool - Pkg of 6 Wanaree Tanner Signature Texture Plate - Set of 6 EZ960® Sterling Silver Clay