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Tools & Equipment

We offer an extensive selection of high quality jewelry making tools for all of your jewelry making needs at Cool Tools. Find a variety of jewelry making tools such as Adhesives, Soldering, Stone Setting, Polishing products and more. The tools we offer will help you improve your jewelry making experience and your skills. Find AlphaDisc, Storage & Supplies for you next jewelry project. We offer innovative productivity tools for metal clay and traditional jewelry making techniques. Find quality made Cool Tools Brand tools and start creating professional quality jewelry in your studio.


Cool Tools offers all the metal clay Accessories you will need to make professional pieces of jewelry. Find all the Adhesives, Cleaning Tools & Supplies, and Storage you need for working with metal clay. Jewelry making Accessories can make all the difference in making successful jewelry pieces. From Anti-Tarnish Bags to the Accessory Turntable, these tools make your projects easier. Discover our great selection of tools as supplies and start working more efficient with our selection of metal clay Accessories right here at Cool Tools.

Basic Metal Clay Tools

Getting started in metal clay and jewelry making has never been simpler. Find all the basics you will need for working in metal clay and creating traditional jewelry right here at Cool Tools. We have a variety of Basic Metal Clay Tools to choose from so that you can find just what you are looking for. Shop through our Anti-Stick Products, Clay Shapers, Blades & Palette Knives, Tweezers, Sanding & Filing Tools and much more. All of our Basic Metal Clay Tools are made to last and get the job done. Whether you are looking for Worksurfaces & Rollers, Needle Tools, or any other Basic Metal Clay Tool, we are sure to carry it. Get all of your easy to use Basic Metal Clay Tools right here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools has all the tools you need for your metal clay and jewelry making bench. Our Bench Tools include a collection of tradition jewelry making tools that every jeweler must have. Find a great selection of durable and innovative Bench Tools to get the job done simply and easily.Choose from a vast array of Hammers, Files, Drills & Burs, Mandrels, Gauges, Guides & Scales, Bench Blocks & Dapping, Metal Cutting tools and much more. These high quality Bench Tools make creating beautiful jewelry fast and easy. Cool Tools helps you find what you need for your bench at affordable prices.

Discover the tools that make it easy to carve unique designs into your metal clay jewelry projects. Add intricate textures, patterns, shapes, and designs that add a touch of beauty and class to your jewelry pieces. Cool Tools offers a great selection of Carving tools including Dockyard Carver Sets, Clay Picks, Double Ended Carvers and more. Get creative and add customized patterns that will make your jewelry project one of a kind. Design your metal clay using our reliable Carving tools right here from Cool Tools.

Look to Cool Tools to find all that you need to create awesome jewelry. We offer an amazing selection of productivity and creativity tools for creating beautiful works of jewelry art with Cool Tools Products. The Cool Tools product line includes innovative a reliable Textures, Molds, Templates, Rollers, Anti-Stick Products, Firing Tools and more. No matter what you are looking to create, we have the tools to help you work faster and smarter. Start shopping and working easier with help from all of our Cool Tools brand products.

Get creative with your metal projects with help from Cool Tools and our Creative Metal products. Creative Metal has endless possibilities and can be embossed, detailed, antiqued, adhered to various surfaces, and used as texture for metal clay. These decorative soft metals are available in brass & copper and have designed textures like Checkerboard, Brick, Grid, Floral, Geometric, Celtic, Victorian, Cobblestone, Vines, Hearts and more. Discover the variety of Creative Metal Texturing Tools made to add custom texture and design to your metal. Choose from our Starter Kits or purchase individually. Find it all right here at Cool Tools.

Get your message across with our large section of Lettering Tools. Put customized words and phrases in your metal clay jewelry using Alphabet Letter Stamps, AlphaDisc Lettering System, Number Stamps, Gothic Letter & Number Punch Set and more. Words and sayings used in jewelry add a unique spin to your projects. No matter what you want to say, we have what you need to say it. Cool Tools has the tools and supplies you need express your passions in your jewelry pieces with Lettering Tools.

Give your metal clay jewelry a shine with our extensive selection of Finishing & Polishing tools here from Cool Tools. Finishing is one of the most important steps in creating beautiful jewelry. Here you will find everything you need to polish, patina, clean and finish your jewelry pieces to perfection. Shop through Polishing Papers & Sanders, Patina, Polishing Cloths, Miniature Mandrels, Burnishing Tools, Bristle Discs and more. Finish your metal clay jewelry professionally with Finishing & Polishing tools from Cool Tools.

Form your creations to fit perfectly with help from our Forming tools. Cool Tools offers the best selection of Forming tools including Drying Forms, Ring Forming Tools, Ring Sizers, Pellet Molds and Mandrels. Our Copper drying forms are made for metal clay and can be transferred from surface to surface fast and easy. Forming has never been easier with our selection of innovative and easy-to-use products. Find all your Forming Tools for creating jewelry right here at Cool Tools and get the form you desire.

Set up your personal and unique molds with our Molds and materials here at Cool Tools. Choose from a large selection of materials that provide you with the options to mold your own unique forms to make on of a kind jewelry. We offer silicone compounds, Liquid Sculpey and thermoplastic materials to set up molds for your metal clay designs. Pick from our huge selection of over 200 Antique Molds that capture unique designs you can't find anywhere else. Create your custom molds for your next metal clay jewelry project with our Mold Materials today.

Metal Stamping

Add accents to your metal clay jewelry with our wonderful selection of Metal Stamping tools here at Cool Tools. You'll find a large selection of punches that work on any project. Add design and decorations to your jewelry to make a statement! Pick from individual metal stamps & punches or shop through our vast section of upper case, lower case, and numbering punch sets! Find it all here at Cool Tools.

Cool Tools provides you with a huge selection of Sculpting Tools that makes sculpting and creating metal clay fast and easy. Shop through a large section of Burnishers, Needles, Picks and Shapers. Our Sculpt Tools allow you to add unique textures, patterns, designs, and shapes to your jewelry designs. Cool Tools offers several tools with specialized tips for custom sculpting and designing including Sharp Edges, Tapers, Cups and Angles. Begin sculpting like the professionals with our vast selection of Sculpting Tools right here at Cool Tools.

Shape your metal clay with accurate and affordable Shape Tools right here from Cool Tools. We offer innovative tools that help you create unique shapes and designs for your jewelry projects. You'll love our Extruders & Syringes as well as our Templates & Shape Cutters. Our Shape Tools make it possible to create amazing jewelry and offer the versatility you need for your designs. These amazing tools can help you be on your way to developing stunning pieces of art. Find what you need today and Shape your jewelry projects with help from Cool Tools.

Cool Tools provides several soldering materials and products that will help you create your one of a kind jewelry and creations. Choose from our soldering Kits, Pickle, Flux, Soldering Boards, Tripods, Picks, Torches and more. This section has everything to start working with superior products and tools soldering your metal clay jewelry. Soldering metal clay and other jewelry has never been easier. Find your Soldering Tools for your next jewelry project right here at Cool Tools.

Discover all the fabulous Stone Setting products available at Cools Tools. Adding stones to your jewelry designs add color, class, and beauty fast and simple. Choose from a great selection of Stone Setting materials such as Burs, Settings and Stone Setting Tools. Find a setting in your desired size, shape and style. We've hand selected all the tools you need that work great for setting stones. Get exactly what you are looking for and start working and creating with Stone Setting products and tools right here at Cool Tools.

Customize the surface of your metal clay jewelry projects quickly and easily for with our selection of Surface Embellishments and kits here at Cool Tools. Customize your jewelry and metal clay pieces by transferring images onto them. We offer a selection of Its products that allow you to transfer images onto metal and other surfaces such as glass, wood and unglazed tile. Use Keum Boo techniques to add a unique spin to your projects. Discover our selection of Epoxies & Resins to customize your creations. Start transferring images and adding embellishments with the right products here at Cool Tools!

Put intricate textures and patterns in your metal clay projects for eye-catching designs. Cool Tools carries a large selection of tiles, blocks, kits and tips to add definition to your designs. Choose from Deborah Farber, Irina Miech, or Lisa Pavelka Textures and so much more! Our Vinyl Textures offer several patterns that make adding designs to your jewelry projects easy. Make your own custom textures, patterns designs, and stamps with our Photopolymer packets and kits. Cool Tools offers hundreds of Texture options that can make all the difference.

Holding and handling your metal clay properly is essential to a successful jewelry project! Shop the tools and products that will make it simple here at Cool Tools. We offer many kinds of Tweezers, molding material, Vices and clamps to keep anything you are working on in the correct spot! The Tweezers & Holding section offers all the tools you'll need to handle your metal clay!