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PMC Flex - Silver Precious Metal Clay
PMC Flex

Kiln Fire: 1650°F / 899°C - 2 hours (optimum)
Shrinkage: 10-15%

With PMC Flex™, you can work, roll, cut, shape this fine silver metal clay like modeling clay and enjoy a much longer working time--weeks, if need be! The clay firms up somewhat but stays pliable enough to bend, twist, shape, join edges with slip...up to a month later (NOTE: You won't be able to ball-up and re-roll the clay; to do that, you'll need to rehydrate the clay and begin again). Then, when you're ready, fire the clay to produce a pure fine-silver object. This variety of PMC silver clay is ideal for use in the classroom and for anyone new to working with metal clay because its extended window of working time gives you (or your students) ample time to get designs just the way you want them. Shrinkage - 15%
  • Need to sand or drill the clay? Easy. Simply use one of the traditional drying methods (warming plate or blow-dryer) for 20 minutes to dry out the clay.
  • Great to carve, easy to join components together; can be combined with all other varieties of PMC silver clay.
  • Use the same tools you use for other metal clays but take care to clean tools thoroughly before using them on a different clay.

PMC Flex - Precious Metal Clay

PMC Flex has been specifically formulated to provide the jewelry artist with an extended working time.


Watch our video on gold plating fired PMC Flex.

Check out this video to extend the life of your unused clay.


Uses This form provides extended working time. Unlike the other versions of PMC, Flex does not completely harden at room temperature. PMC Flex can be used to made rods and sheets for later use and to return to projects several days after. When you are ready to sand or carve PMC Flex, dry the object by heating to 300°F for about 20 minutes. Firing and finishing is the same as for all other fine silver clays.
Workability PMC Flex does not completely harden at room temperature. Unused clay should be kept tightly sealed when not in use.
Embedded Objects Any object that can withstand the firing temperatures and times of PMC Flex can be embedded and fired in place. Some natural gemstones, lab gems and Cubic Zirconia's can be used, as well as porcelain. Check out our Gemstone Firing Guide for details on a specific stone.
Firing Options
Temperature Hold Time
Kiln 1650°F / 899°C
1290°F / 699°C
1200°F / 649°C
1110°F / 599°C
2 hrs
10 min
20 min
45 min
Torch Red Glow 5 min

Solder Tip

Silver solder makes its joins inside the structure of the metal and is therefore much stronger than low temperature solders that work on the surface. If you use a low-temp solder, it is important to provide enough surface contact to support the joint. Brazing alloys (hard solders) are preferred, but they can be a little more difficult to master. This option offers the best color match. Note that once a piece has been joined with a low-temp solder, it cannot be soldered with silver solder, which can make repairs challenging.

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