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Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is a man-made synthetic, oven-hardening modeling material that is made from polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It is combined with dyes that give it robust color(s) and a plasticizer that makes the clay malleable. Like metal clay, polymer clay can be manipulated in an infinite variety of ways. It can be sculpted, carved, caned, molded and more, only limited by one's imagination. When heated at temperatures that are easily achievable with a home oven, it hardens, and then can be further manipulated by sawing, sanding, carving, drilling and buffing. It is a colorful and phenomenal medium for jewelry making and is especially popular for making beads. Getting started in polymer clay can be relatively inexpensive and requires only a select number of tools depending on what you choose to explore. Suggestions include clay rollers, tissue blades, needle tools, textures, clay shapers, work surfaces, carving tools, hobby knife, and shaped clay cutters. These can all be found in our "tools & equipment" section.