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Photopolymer Paper - English Vellum - 10 sheets
Photopolymer Paper - English Vellum

Pkg of 10: $3.75
Product Dimensions: each sheet is 8-1/2" x 11"
Made in USA
Creative Reward Points you'll earn: 4

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Photopolymer Paper - English Vellum - 10 sheets

Vellum refill for the incandescent Photopolymer Texture and Stamping Kit. We carry the photopolymer packets for daylight and incandescent developing of the photopolymer plate. This paper works in most types of printers without adjusting the print settings. The paper is thin to allow the light to pass through it easily in the areas not covered with ink. Artwork must be a solid black that stops light. Black and whites must be reversed (in negative). Ensure there is a 1/2" black border around the edge. To make your pinter deliver more ink, use these settings: Select black ink only (grayscale), increase the ink volume and change the paper setting to photo paper matte. After printing your image, look at your artwork against a light. If the black is not solid or is gray, then change the printer settings or clean the print head. These instructions are also included with each order.